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Collaborators - Leaders in the fields of human, process, controls, data, and AI.

Innovators - Developing new techniques to gain near real time human insights for leaders and teams.

Professional Associations

Organisations we contribute to or work with in thought leadership, knowledge sharing or delivery of client assignments.


The a7 network delivers value and learning to business leaders by providing impartial advice on important challenges. acumen7 is a unique network of senior executives, independent consultants and like-minded professionals, who have come together to offer their skills and experience to help businesses and other organisations solve the challenges of development and change. 

Experts sharing their knowledge on all forms of change and the capabilities for success using the Opiner platform. Phase 2 starts September 2022. We are a unique community of professionals responsible for, or advising on, successful project delivery and capability. We're like the A-Team but for complex projects and change. Founded by Donnie MacNicol and Jonathan Norman.

The Delivery Experts

The Delivery Club

A community of informed and effective delivery leaders delivering success to their organisations and society. We provide delivery leaders with the opportunities to share, learn and grow in a challenging, safe and trusting environment with a diverse group of like-minded peers from other industries, gaining personal knowledge-wealth.

Project Data Analytics Task Force

The Project Data Analytics Task Force comprises a team of senior level professionals who have a mission to use data to transform project performance. Projects are vital for transformation, growth and economic prosperity. Yet the probability of delivering a major project within the sanctioned cost, time and benefits envelope is only 0.5%. We aspire to seize the immense opportunities enabled by project data and the power of analytical tools, to in five years deliver a 10-fold improvement on project performance.

Books And Publications

Discover more about our extensive range of knowledge resources. Donnie MacNicol was either the author or a contributor to the publications listed below.

Project Leadership: Third Edition.

Project Leadership, the classic, best-selling textbook originally by Wendy Briner, Michael Geddes and Colin Hastings, anticipated so many of the changes in approaches to project management that are now regarded as mainstream - not least the focus on behaviours. The Third Edition by experts Sarah Coleman and Donnie MacNicol has been substantially rewritten, introducing new material and experience reflecting the transformation that has taken place in the world of projects and leadership.

Portfolio and Programme Management Demystified.

You’re now responsible for a programme, or you’ve got a portfolio to manage? Where do you start? Right here! Projects are not simply the bread and butter of an organisation. Form them into programmes or portfolios and they can be prioritised and integrated to deliver change to your organisation in line with your strategic vision. You will be able to control costs and risks and bring together a complex series of themes effectively.

Strategic Portfolio Management.

This book provides a powerful insight into strategic portfolio management and its central role in the delivery of organisational strategy, maximisation of value creation, and efficient allocation of resources and capabilities to achieve organisational strategic objectives. The book makes a valuable contribution to the development of thinking on the translation of strategy into actionable work. 

The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management.

Managing large and complex organisations; balancing the needs of business-as-usual, new products and services and business change; assuring risk across everything the business does; these are all core requirements of modern business which are provided by the discipline of portfolio management.

The Handbook of Project Portfolio Management is the definitive publication that introduces and describes in detail project portfolio management in today’s ever-changing world. The handbook contains the essential knowledge required for managing portfolios of business change.

Future of Project Management.

Future of Project Management is a partnership and collaboration between Arup, The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL, and the Association for Project Management, with crowd-sourced inputs from the global project management community.

It is a compilation of best practice, emerging trends, and forward thinking, an interactive site for debate about change in the project management profession, and a roadmap for future academic and professional research.

The Handbook of People in Project Management.

Modern projects are all about one group of people delivering benefits to others, so it's no surprise that the human element is fundamental to project management. The Gower Handbook of People in Project Management is a complete guide to the human dimensions involved in projects. The book is a unique and rich compilation of over 60 chapters about project management roles and the people who sponsor, manage, deliver, work in or are otherwise important to project success. It looks at the people-issues that are specific to different sectors ... and the human behaviours and skills associated with working collaboratively.

RICS APM Stakeholder Management Guidance

Commissioned jointly by RICS and the Association for Project Management (APM), Stakeholder engagement, 1st edition is intended to provide guidance to anyone who encounters human, as well as technical challenges in their working lives. It is aimed primarily at project and programme managers, and those working in a project environment that have to influence, work with and consider the views of other people.


The purpose of the Team Praxis pages is to describe how the four primary personality types view aspects of P3M in different ways. This is really important if you wish to understand how the team can most effectively work together . If each team member appreciates that others don’t perceive a document or a proposed way to solve an issue in the same way that they do, then there is the opportunity to resolve misunderstanding or conflict before it arises. The team can then benefit from the diversity of views and experiences of its members.

Papers And Articles

Papers, articles and webinars whewre we have shared our thinking and experience or contributed to a discussion.


This is a small selection of company videos available on our YouTube channel. For more videos click on the icon below:

Tackling Net Zero

Tackling NetZero - motivating project and data professionals.

Eight Lookings

How to identify where you focus your energies and the associated 17 integrative leadership processes.

Project Sponsorship

Insights into the importance, challenges and critical behaviours of effective project sponsors.

Project Academies

An insight into the importance of an Academy for individual and organisational development.


How to engage effectively with stakeholders to influence their behaviour for a positive outcome on your project.

Project Characteristics

A model for distinguishing between projects that can be used by organisations to identify the right form of governance.


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