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    Team Animations key resource is the personal knowledge and incredible network that its people bring together with the rich source of research materials harvested over 10 years to support Team Animation’s core mission: energising project organisations and the people in them.
    Details to follow shortly.


We publish our insights and those of external experts to help advance the practice of management and provide leaders with facts on which to base business and policy decisions.

Stakeholder Engagement

‘People and Project Management’, Donnie MacNicol,  p. 3-11 in Gower Handbook of People in Project Management; ed. D. Lock and L. Scott; Gower, 2013

Portfolio and Programme Management Demystified: Managing Multiple Projects Successfully, P. Rayner and G. Reiss with D. MacNicol;  Routledge, 2nd ed, 2012

Harvesting and curating
As part of our ongoing research we are continuously harvesting and then curacting online knowledge through:

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