Team Animation Recommendations

"When I tendered for portfolio management expertise, Team Animation was the only supplier that demonstrated real expertise and a track record in delivery of portfolio management, rather than an enhanced PMO. Throughout the commission, Team Animation performance was exceptional. They not only brought their expertise to the commission but also involved me in the project and listened to my input throughout, which resulted in an extremely high quality and relevant end result which senior managers in the organisation were able to buy into. Team Animation were thoroughly professional at all times, integrated well with the team and frequently went above and beyond to deliver exceptional results."

Liz Pattison - Head of Programme & Project Management Centre of Excellence Department for Transport

 “Over a period of 5 years from 2004 to 2009 we worked with Team Animation to develop of a project management methodology and associated e-learning to suit our organisations needs and then design and deliver across Europe a series of project developmental workshops. In parallel they delivered a series of highly effective team development workshops bespoked to the needs of individual regions. On a personal level I have always found Donnie responsive and commercially aware of the impacts of learning interventions. Team Animation get the importance of providing interventions that are pragmatic with good academic rigour.”

Martin O’Neill – Towers Watson - Senior Consultant in Global Learning and Development

“Your style of delivery and examples and knowledge of the subject were all inspiring. It was one of the most enjoyable sessions I have been to in far too long.  I understand more about the team and where I had already started to work out strategies, these have either been validated or I have found something new to do that will be more helpful.” , Claudine Draycott - Project Manager - Change Engagement, Rail Industry

 “A few years ago our company decided that it was time to start raising the bar on professional project/program management in order to improve our performance on project deliveries. Projects were consistently late and over budget, so we decided that we needed to bring in consultants who were experts in project and program management, and were very familiar with PMI in particular, to help us turn this around. After a tough screening process, we decided that Team Animation were the ideal partners for this initiative given their track record. Subsequently, Donnie and team worked very closely with us over several years and together we made significant progress on a multitude of work streams, including:-

  • Soft skills and leadership training for 150 Project and Program Managers globally
  • Design and continuous development of a Career Development Framework (CDF) which included a bespoke competency and task framework
  • Continuous F2F and online briefings as the CDF was adapted
  • Identification of multiple internal Cisco development routes and briefing of the community
  • Setting up multiple Communities of Practice by topic or region
  • Support to the PPM Capability Development Steering Group
  • Design, development and briefing around initially a Project and then Program Management Code of Practice (CoP).  Used as the standard by which all global programs are delivered across the business.
  • Assurance program to ensure use of CoP.  This included review of documentation and audit across projects that CoP methods had been adopted. A tool was developed to track and reporting to the SMT provided.
  • Design of a governance framework for a new complex program.  This established the accountabilities & responsibilities for a programme team
  • Program Management Training course globally to support the adoption and use of the CoP.  This included face-2-face and e-learning modules to build the knowledge across a community of 200+ PgM.  Of these, 110 were trained in 8*2day training modules for their senior managers.

This investment in our people has paid off, where budgets are now much more tightly controlled than before, risk management is actively used to anticipate events before they happen, planning is much more precise and detailed leading to more predictability, and almost all of our PM Community are now PMP Certified! Team Animation constantly went that extra mile, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to other companies planning to embark on a similar initiative to ours. You won’t regret it!”
Steve Hastie, Director, Professional Services - Service Provider Video Technology Group, Cisco Systems

“I engaged Donnie to assist with the design and delivery of a number of bespoke project leadership and high potential development programmes at Fujitsu. I found his insight and expertise to be of first class and he was key in creating development interventions that were both well received and delivered the outcomes the business was looking for.  Donnie will always be the person I turn to for input concerning project & programme leadership, and that is why I have continued to work with him now for 7 years.”
Roger Longden, L&D Business Partner, Fujitsu

“It has been an enlightening and energising process and you have provided many interesting and important insights in to our work practises, which we would never have been able to see for looking.”
Senior Project Manager, Global Defence Contractor

Donnie has been contributing to our MSc Project Management in the Built Environment programme since its start in 2007. Donnie's sessions have always been very well-received by our students. He has been instrumental in getting our new cohorts to think about the ways in which they are going to support each other's learning. He thus makes a significant contribution to developing closely-knit MSc cohorts at Oxford Brookes. Esra Kurul, msC Programme Leader, School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University ".. it made me see project management in a totally new light and taught me new ways on thinking and implementing tools to support and influence outcomes"

Account Director, Open course

“Expert facilitation in designing a complex change programme allowed us to quickly put in place the necessary organisation to manage what was a highly sensitive situation”
Borough Commander, Metropolitan Police Service

"Extremely thought-provoking and challenging - made me ask myself some difficult questions. Excellent balance between fun and challenging learning"
Senior Consultant, Metropolitan Police Service

"Donnie has delivered an innovative and challenging project management course which was both rewarding and highly enjoyable. We plan to work with Donnie to tailor the course for all the management consultants and occupational psychologists within Consultancy Group at the earliest opportunity. Donnie has also demonstrated his insight and business focus through an independent audit of the project management and delivery processes in a major internal change project."
 Sara de Neut, Metropolitan Police Service, Principal Management Consultant Internal Consultancy Group

“Team Animation supported the Board over a 2 year period as we looked to improve our capability and performance. This included coaching of SMT members and implementation of new ways of working. I found all of the consultants, coaches and trainers professional and focused on adding value.”
Managing Director, UK based Construction Company

"Through restructuring, we have been developing into a Project Management company, and starting to supply systems rather than individual products. This meant we were getting involved in larger projects/programmes and becoming part of larger teams. Clearly our skill levels needed to be increased, and I wanted to forge the new project group into a team –all working together, complimenting each others' skills and knowledge.
After your 4 sessions with the group, I have seen 3 employees develop into an effective working team and they have all benefited from learning new techniques. This will increase our profitability and improve our relationship with key customers/prospects. I am looking forward to working with Team Animation during the next few months when we are going to look at programme management techniques and controls.”
Brian Blunden, Managing Director, Rafi Ltd

"We worked with Donnie to develop a method of project managing client orders and installations. Donnie took time to understand the principles and values of our business and then developed a training package for us to use with staff from each department of the company. The training was interactive and tailored to our very specific needs. Donnie presented information in a way that was meaningful to all team members, and left us with a very tangible tool for improving the way we work.”
Dan May, Operations Director, Ramsac Ltd

"Fantastic - thought provoking and we have an action list to get going with changes.”
Janine Munro, Director, Design Hive Ltd

“Innovative and challenging project management course” Senior Consultant, Metropolitan Police Service


“Flexible, professional and client focused consulting and training that has delivered considerable benefit to the organisation” L&D Manager, Professional Services Firm

"Fantastic - thought provoking workshops” Director, Technology Company