Organisations – We assess existing capability from multiple perspectives and then develop a vision, roadmap and practices necessary to meet future business needs including Academies.

1. Capability of the organisation to deliver

We work in partnership with Aspire Europe, lead authors and world leaders in carrying out assessments using the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3®), providing our clients with the insights necessary to improve their organisational capability. Recommendations are based on experience gained from carrying out maturity assessments with over 150 organisations and reference to world’s largest P3M3® maturity database of over 300 assessments. We compliment this with the personal experience of a team who are leaders in their respective field.

To support clients who wish to take an even broader perspective we use unique Energised Project Organisation (EPO) Diagnostic which is based on the research carried out with Cranfield University and also our expertise around Organisational Project Management (OPM) from multiple client assignments and research with professional bodies and academia.

Based on the insights from either approach we work with clients to develop:

  • a vision for their delivery capability that will meet future business needs and an associated
  • roadmap which takes account of priorities and constraints.

We then support clients in designing and implementing the necessary supportive ways of working to achieve success. Examples include:

  • An Operating Model and Governance Framework which describes the responsibilities, reporting, decision making and information flow that is appropriate to the organisations needs and culture
  • A Delivery Framework including Codes of Practice and supportive processes which describe how the organisation can consistently and sustainably deliver successful change.

2. Community Capability

As individuals are at the heart of any successful organisation we also assess how well the organisation supports the development of its project and programme management community using our Academy Navigator and Diagnostic as described below. This is a unique service which builds on the expertise described above and experience of delivering all aspects of an effective Academy for clients.

Academy Framework™ has been developed to provide clients with the structure and tools necessary to develop and continually improve individual competency and in turn organisational capability. There are 8 Frameworks (as shown) and 10 Enablers.  The associated Academy Diagnostic™ assesses the support the organisation provides to developing individual and community capability against each Framework and identifies strengths and priority areas of investment.






We then work with clients to develop their vision and roadmap and then design, develop and implement the frameworks necessary for success. Typically these include fully aligned Career and Competency Frameworks and self-sustaining Communities where knowledge and experience are shared and supportive relationships built.