LeadersWe help leaders to become inspirational, strategic and agile through developing their leadership capability using through bespoke educational programmes, coaching, mentoring and structured networking.

Leadership development is underpinned by the leader having an understanding of their motivation and preferred style. We use a range of instruments and diagnostics to help assess leadership potential, capability and style including our own Eight Lookings Diagnostic (shown below) which provides an indication of the focus an individual has for a particular looking and therefore provides an insight into their project leadership style.

We have captured much of our knowledge in Project Leadership 3rd Edition which will be published in September 2015. Part 4 of the book identifies the multiple options for developing individual leaders. The book contains are a range of models and diagnostics including the Project Leadership Development Framework™ which is focused on assessing the multiple forms of support which can be provided by organisations to support individual development. It helps identify what is most important to focus on to develop project leadership.
Our core leadership offerings which are modified to our client needs include:

  • Leadership Talent Development Program – a flagship 12 to 18 month program for programme and project professionals where there is a clear business benefit to achieving the desired behavioural  change
  • Leadership Training - designed to meet the specific needs of your project and programme managers, typically 2 to 5 day intense programs and delivered in phases, with pre and post work to ensure that the learning is embedded, used and adds immediate value
  • Leadership Modules – a range of communication, motivation, influencing, innovation and stakeholder engagement training sessions.

Each is supported by expert coaching and mentoring and work based learning to deliver the desired outcomes. Working with the Centre for Change Management (C4CM) we can provide ILM accredited certifications and diplomas for the programmes we run.
In partnership with Aspire Europe Ltd we can offer one of the largest suites of training and eLearning in the world for project, programme and change professionals. This includes

  • Over 50 accredited qualification courses including MSP
  • Customised qualification courses
  • Vocational qualifications through C4CM with associated mentoring
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Personalised e-learning courses from over  250 modules
  • Peer assist groups that focus on developing techniques
  • Webinars, social media and chat boards to host communities of practice.