• animate... to give life to; fill with life
  • animate… to fill with spirit, courage or resolution
  • animate… to energise
  • animate… to impart motion or activity to
  • animate… to inspire to action, prompt

Team Animation are passionate about energising project organisations

and the people in them.

We are a UK based consultancy specialising in supporting organisations, leaders and teams to improve their project delivery capability. By integrating cutting edge thinking from the leadership development, change and project management worlds, we help our clients to achieve organisational success.

Our Expertise


We use advanced Organisational Project Leadership thinking to design and implement effective practices which suit your organisation's culture and meet its future business needs.


We inspire and enable indivduals to develop their leadership capability through bespoke educational programmes, coaching, mentoring  and structured networking.


We use facilitation and training to create energised, high performing teams that work collaboratively to effectively manage delivery
challenges and conflict.